Knowing All is in Flux

If we know anything, as we stand on the shoulders of the greats who have taught us - it is that all is in flux but connected.

Nothing is static, nothing is ‘complete’ . Everything has its form and relevance because of that which is around us all.  We are not islands, disconnected.

We need the ‘society’ the ‘community’ the ‘support’ of  others just as they need us. It is that ‘connection’ to a treasure chest of Humanity - not remarkable and dead - but which is vivid and alive and with us right here, right now. All around us. There is a golden thread linking us  to History and Pre History which has as much truth now as it did way back when.

My interest in two dimensional Art takes me on a search to understand great ideas on Composition, Colour Line, and it takes me to different Cultural insights. I have found that once you get behind the hype, the game playing and commerciality and touch the Artistic ideas they are all very similar.

Han Gan - 8th Cen China ‘Tang’ Dynasty.


Degas - ‘Race Horses’ C. 1866

Prehistoric Cave Paintings .

My own work seems to be constantly referring to this idea of ‘Flux’ , Movement and change - the impermanence of things. Not because it is a nostalgic whimsy but because  it connects me to a golden thread and makes the ‘now’ vividly precious and beautiful.

                                   Right HERE  right NOW  - 

  E.g.   Light in the Forest



 Cat ref: EC 321.                                          Cat ref : Ec 322


<. Cover Picture : EC 318 The Apple Tree  >






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