Freehand With Brush, water & Ink

The great Chinese school of Art from 300 - 500 AD - ( Time of  The Jin Dynasty ), - featured some Great ideas and very modern approaches.

What interests me is ‘ Shui-Mo’ for example - this would be a free, exaggerated brush work, which worked with an aesthetic unwilling to be restrained by ‘reality’ . 

The great Gu Kaizhi four example referred to : “ Likeness in spirit resides in unlikeness

There’s was an Art form which experimented and enjoyed compositions which disregarded Perspective, Light and proportion. These works demonstrates profound understanding and insight into the essence of things. It is interesting to me that while part of this is very modern - ‘Modern’ Art has not embraced the second part of this aesthetic regarding ‘ essence’.

The depth and importance of this aesthetic carries into the Modern Chinese age - see for example Qi Baishi ( 1863- 1957 ) and his wonderful paintings of Shrimps.



Works such as this give me energy to look ‘well’ and work on my own ideas  - with particular regard to the ideas on ‘essence’:

See > Ec182 ‘ Silver Birch #8 ‘  - ‘ Boketto’ Collection.



See Ec321Forest Sketches #1’  - “Sanuki” Collection.



See Ec284 ‘Garden Sketches #6’ - “JUU” Collection.


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