EC 168 - On The Moors
EC 168 - On The Moors
EC 168 - On The Moors
EC 168 - On The Moors

EC 168 - On The Moors

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A unique artwork print from the Studio of EcArtNow.

All prints are created using the highest quality materials of ink and paper. A premium high quality product.

       Each print bears a unique Seal, Signature and Catalogue reference.

Paper :
Hahnemuhle Fine Art. Typically ‘William Turner 310gsm’
A superb surface structure for digital fine Art. Compliant to ‘DIN 6738’ age resistant life expectancy, with a quality that can last for more than 100 years.
Inks :
These prints are created using the finest ‘Giclee’ inks and printers provided by specialist print companies.
Sizes (approx):
Square - A4 Standard - 297mm x 297mm
Square - A3 Large - 350mm x 350mm
Square - A2 Large - 420mm x 420mm
Print sizes may vary slightly, please contact us directly for mount specifications and specific print sizes.
* Bespoke sizes available if required. please email details .