Stuff Happens, Time creates.

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Always, always stuff happens. There is a constant flow of the unexpected or the unplanned. Volcanoes explode, earthquakes shatter - storms flood, winds blow.  Event after event, one after another. Layer upon layer. Geological cross sections can map and prove this  history.

To me - this is how life is created and this is why we are here in this place & time. The end result of ‘ stuff happens’ . It is all really quite chaotic and not something we have a lot of Control over.

My approach and view is not Teological. It is not my belief that ‘things happen for a reason ‘ - but rather that ‘stuff happens’ because it has to, and that this is where beauty is found.

When investigating Art ideas and composition these are the background thoughts,  - and i try to incorporate them because -for me, - this is ‘the truth’ . 

EC 256 ‘ Japanese Garden ‘;Ec 256  - ‘Japanese Garden #2 ‘

Composing ideas requires a harnessing of this raw creative energy. To me nature always shows this  - ‘stuff happens’ - in its shadows , lines, forms and surprises. This is where I find beauty.

EC 191 ‘landscape at dusk ‘

To me the real beauty lies in the depth of Time then effecting these events. My compositions are layers - of thoughts and ideas. After Time I revisit and look to consider what beauty has been created.

My current work investigates the Forest. Which i find to be a fascinating example of stuff growing - some old, some new. Many different types, shapes and sizes evolved over time with today’s light and movement dancing over it all.

The space - the light - the shadows - all impossibly complex - but really interesting.

 EC 285 -  ‘ the forest #3 ‘

EC 299 - ‘ Forest sketches ‘

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